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Located at 2356 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn N.Y 11223
StoneDirectUSA.com offers an exquisitely composed range of semi-precious gemstones, chosen from the finest raw materials, and processed on the best of plants to give a surface of unmatched beauty & strength.
Gemstones are sought and acquired since immemorial for their exotic beauty and mystical healing powers.
Precious stones bring beauty and healing powers through the gem and sparkle that coexist in its surface.
We carry the most luxurious stones into your architect designs and interior renovations from all around the world.
Our semi-precious gemstones are authentic and laminate its thickness purely of gemstones.
These natural stones are individually cut and composed together with imparting strength and stability into our constructive slabs.
The gemstones are worked upon to remove the natural impurities. Only the finest material goes into making of our slabs.
The slabs are painstakingly composed in a way to highlight each gemstone.
Our most modern technology ensures the slabs are processed & polished flawlessly.
All crystals in the stone are translucent, hence they have a dramatic and sparkle effect when backlit.
StoneDirectUSA.com surfaces are meant for the ultimate high end applications.
Highly recommended for indoor use in residences, hotels, restaurants, resorts, offices, showroom or any prestigious project to impart magnificent touch of natural beauty.
Some of the most popular applications include counter tops, bars, walls, pillars, panels, murals and table tops.
Use your knowledge of design and imagination to create the next best thing with the worlds most luxurious interior design material.
Our standard slabs size is 55 x 110, but we can develope custome sizes as you wish, (As small as 4×4′) Contact us for all custom projects and sizes.
*Note that all our materials are 100% natural! Therefore, the products will constantly vary in color, pattern, texture, veining, and stone design. 

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